About Us

With the advances in e-commerce technology and rapid expansion of internet connected devices, shopping for your favorite stuff has never been easier! You can buy almost anything on the internet via your favorite stores that offer personalized services. Online shopping portals have popped up in huge numbers just because of the ease of this technology. This is especially true for online clothes, swimwear, apparel, and fashion accessories stores. As a consumer, you get a lot of choices. Brands, styles, quality, and pricing is what we look for when buying online clothing. Such a large number of online stores has forced vendors to lower their pricing to an unbelievable level. We often come across offers of high-quality clothing and apparel at minimum pricing. They almost sound unbelievable. E-Store ads like “High quality Swimwear-70% off” or “Branded Beachwear starting at just $X” are a common sight. Such offers are indeed lucrative. But are they worth it? Are they even real? As experienced online consumers, the Kwiten team’s answer is ‘NO.’

This is the question that we asked ourselves. In fact, the very base of building a brand new platform like Kwiten was an intense realization regarding online value for money when it comes to high-quality clothing at lowest prices. It is very logical and straightforward truth. Online e-commerce stores will take the least money (which seems almost like a freebie), offer free-shipping, and deliver the product at your doorstep. But, what about the quality? The quality of these cheap apparel and clothing products do not even meet basic quality standards. They are almost disposable. And, the E-store brand still makes a decent profit. It is virtually like collecting money from you in return for nothing!

We at Kwiten decided to change the story. We decided to create an online store that would deliver what it promises at the best prices. Be it Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Beachwear, Swimsuits, Inner-wear, or T-shirts for both men & women. We only ship high-quality standard products at your doorstep. Kwiten’s team has not built up the business for substandard delivery to its customers but actually providing them with value with each shipped item. Quality will never be an issue again with our quality control.

Our store takes pride in the fact that our products can be used again and again unlike low priced cheap quality products from other online stores. Say no to waste of money by choosing the best of apparel and clothing with Kwiten. We strictly stick to our ‘Customer First’ philosophy so that you can always walk away with a sweet quality experience. Happy Shopping this season with Team Kwiten!

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